Friday, June 08, 2018

No doubling of Chinese flying rights

New Delhi: Putting the interests of Indian carriers’ over that of their foreign counterparts, India has turned down China’s request to more than double the weekly frequencies of commercial flights between the two countries. China currently has 42 weekly frequencies to India and wanted this number to be raised to 98. The dragon had also requested India to have an open sky policy (meaning have no restriction on weekly flights) with two of its provinces — Kunming and Hainan — and this too was declined, say sources.
China is not alone in having had its request for more access to India turned down. Others like Dubai were also given a similar reply after the Indian carriers told the government that they find it difficult to get good slots at airports in these places.
“The aviation ministry recently met brass of Indian airlines who spoke of not getting good slots at airports in places like China, Dubai and Singapore. They asked the government to see that enhancement of bilaterals with foreign countries should not be limited to just number of seats or frequencies of flights in a week. They should cover enabling environment for Indian airlines, which means they should get good slots for India to open its market further to other airlines of countries,” said a senior ministry official.
08/06/18 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India