Friday, June 08, 2018

GoAir Kolkata-Port Blair flights suffers bird hit, returns safely to Kolkata

New Delhi: GoAir’s Kolkata-Port Blair flight suffered a bird hit soon after take off on Thursday and the aircraft then had to return to the city. The aircraft, A-320, took off at 8.29 am and landed safely 31 minutes later.
Confirming this, GoAir said in a statement: “GoAir flight G8 101 from Kolkata to Port Blair made a precautionary turn around and returned to Kolkata post take off owing to a bird hit.
As a standard operating measure, the pilot decided to return to Kolkata airport for an aircraft inspection as prescribed by the manufacturer manual. The flight has been cancelled for the day and will depart Friday. All passengers have been duly informed and cared for. GoAir regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers.”
07/06/18 Times of India