Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Illegal parking, craters slow down airport ride

Kolkata: Potholes, waterlogging, illegal parking and faulty traffic management have together been
contributing to crippling jams on VIP Road and Jessore Road, regularly forcing passengers to airport to show up late for their flights. The scene has worsened so much of late that the airport authorities have gone ahead and proposed the construction of a flyover in the area to help a section of vehicles bypass the snarls. A day after TOIreported the authority’s demand for the elevated corridor, the correspondent took a stock of the roads leading to the airport to find out the reasons behind the chaos.

Parking peeves

Vehicles are routinely parked illegally on VIP Road on at least three zones between Haldiram’s and the airport, eating into the carriageway. As one approaches the airport, vehicles—private and goods alike-—can be seen parked in unauthorized places near Haldiram’s and Anupama Housing Complex, near the Kaikhali crossing and in front of the road leading to the one-way flyover that takes traffic from VIP Road to the airport. In all the three places, “No Parking” signs have been neatly installed but in the absence of any policemen, hundreds of cars, bikes and mini trucks are left by the sides of the road, leading to traffic snarls on the airport-bound flank of the
11/07/18 Tamaghna Banerjee/Times of India