Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Aircraft dive sparks mid-air scare after cargo loading error

Chennai:  Passengers of a Coimbatore-Chennai Alliance Air flight had a scare mid-air after the ATR 72-600 plane dipped a bit while climbing to its cruising height on Saturday. The flight that took off at 8.50pm, landed safely at Chennai airport.
Though most of the passengers were not bothered about the unusual jerk that looked as if the plane's altitude dipped mildly while on its climb soon after take off, what made them worried were the three announcements the pilot made during the flight.
A passenger who was in the plane said that "Soon after the plane dipped a bit, the pilot made an announcement asking passengers to sit in assigned seat and that he had trouble during take off." He also said that "We will have big trouble while landing if this continues."
01/08/18 Times of India