Tuesday, August 21, 2018

City’s wait for night flights get longer

Srinagar: The night flights from the Srinagar International Airport have been delayed as the airport authorities have not yet confirmed the date to formally begin the operations.
After the successful test flight during night hours on August 10, the authorities in Srinagar were looking for a date anytime after August 15 to start the night operations. However, the decision has not been taken yet by the higher authorities nor any date has been conveyed to officials here.
 “The night flight operations have been delayed as we are still waiting for an official announcement in this regard,” Director, Srinagar International Airport, Akash Deep told The Tribune. The official said all arrangements and logistics were in place to handle night flights by the airlines, adding that apart from GoAir, Indigo and Air India had also opted for the night slots.
20/08/18 Tribune