Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Helicopters to remain in Maldives for extended duration: India

According to several media reports of India, the two naval helicopters that were gifted to the Maldives from India, will remain in the archipelago for an extended period of time, to be returned after a duration of an estimated 2-3 months.

The Times of India quoted an Indian government official that the two helicopters and 48 army officers stationed in Maldives for their operations, will remain in the Maldives for this duration. Additionally, he mentioned the possibility of a further extension on the duration of housing these aircrafts in the Maldives.

He further highlighted both countries being in discussion on the dealings of these aircrafts and reported these negotiations being carried out 'smoothly'.

However, the Maldivian government has not officially made a statement regarding the matter.
27/08/18 Lujine Rasheed/Edition