Friday, August 10, 2018

Services hit for an hour as fighter aircraft tyre bursts

Jodhpur: Air traffic at the Jodhpur Civil Airport remained suspended for an hour on Thursday afternoon after the tyre of a fighter aircraft burst, after it was back from a routine sortie. No damage, however, has been reported to the aircraft, but a small portion of the runway was damaged.
The incident led to a delay in schedules of two passenger flights, one each from Air India and Jet Airways. The flights could land only after 1.30 pm, after the airforce restored the runway and gave a green signal.

According to defence spokesperson Col. Sombit Ghosh, the tyre of a fighter aircraft burst on the runway around 12.25 pm, after which the airforce officials suspended the movement on the runway and began action to restore the aircraft as well as the runway.

Though he refused to divulge further details about the incident, but according to the airport sources, the tyre of the aircraft burst while it was back from a routine sortie and had landed.
10/08/18 Times of India