Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Air India makes emergency landing in New Jersey

An Ahmedabad to New York flight faced instrument failure and had to make an emergency landing at New Jersey airport. The Air India flight with over 300 passengers landed safely despite navigation system failure.
Fourteen passengers from Ahmedabad were on board AI 101 that was scheduled to reach New York but diverted to Newark airport.
As per sources, the 9-yearold B777 aircraft that has flown over 36,985 hours so far had lateral and vertical navigation instrument failure.
There was panic among passengers to the emergencylike situation as the aircraft was landing. However, security officials were on board to comfort the passengers till the time of deboarding at EWR, the sources said.
The navigation systems help pilot fly accurately on the given co-ordinates. It is helpful in low visibility and bad weather.
According to experts, a pilot can fly without this system based on manual navigation but then there may be issues of accuracy. Airports across the world have different Required Navigation Performance (RNP) parameters. Busier the airport, stricter the parameter.
12/09/18 Ahmedabad Mirror