Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Inline bag scan to miss online target

Calcutta: The airport’s promise to switch on inline baggage screening in the domestic section of the airport by Durga Puja has hit a logistics hurdle, continuing a long tradition of deadlines being missed.

Airport officials said the arrival of some equipment required for the system to be made operational had been delayed, pushing back the installation schedule by a few months.

At a meeting last Friday, representatives of airlines had asked the airport authorities to start installing the equipment after Diwali to avoid chaos during the peak of holiday traffic.

“We have to close each conveyor belt one after the other to install the chips that will scan bags as they travel through the belt. Each belt will have to be closed for operations for at least 15 days,” an airport official said on Monday. “Airlines have requested us to start work after Diwali because they would otherwise be unable to handle the increase in passenger traffic,” he said.

About 62,000 fliers use the airport every day. The figure could increase to at least 70,000 during the festive period.
25/09/18 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph