Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pakyong flight seats command premium

Calcutta: Sikkim’s first airport, located 4,600ft above sea level, is easy on the eye. Not so much on the pocket if you didn’t buy a ticket long before the WhatsApp forwards landed.

On Tuesday afternoon, a flight from Calcutta to Pakyong for October 4 was quoting at Rs 9,405 a seat. Calcutta to Bagdogra on the same day costs Rs 2,414.

With a fortnight to go before the first SpiceJet plane to Pakyong takes off, almost all seats on flights scheduled for the four Durga Puja days have been taken.

Till Tuesday afternoon, 69 seats on the October 4 flight had been sold compared to 29 for the new 6am flight to Bagdogra. The Pakyong flights scheduled for October 15 to 18 are full, according to a SpiceJet official.

Anyone wanting to take a flight about six weeks from now would still need to shell out Rs 22,000 for a round trip. Flights to Bagdogra, so far the nearest airport to Sikkim, are considerably cheaper.

“I wanted a ticket to Pakyong for October 22. The return fare was showing Rs 22,000. I went ahead with the booking thinking it will be worth it,” said a resident of Ballygunge Place who can’t stop gushing about pictures of the airport that a friend had WhatsApp-ed to him a few days ago.
25/09/18 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph