Tuesday, October 23, 2018

AAI plans one more ATC tower at Chennai airport soon

Chennai: The Airports Authority of India plans to build an additional air traffic control tower at Chennai airport that will be a virtual air traffic control facility to help manage landings and take-offs at airports in smaller cities.
The AAI, which plans to have similar facilities at Bengaluru and Hyderabad, has already announced it will build a new tower at Kolkata airport.
The new tower will offer more space and manpower given that Chennai Flight Information Region (FIR), which covers around 1,600km including the entire southern region and the oceanic area till Port Blair, has seen new developments and improvement including air traffic control automation, harmonisation of upper airspace for better handling of intercontinental overflying aircraft above 25,000feet.
A senior AAI official said the tower will be used as a back-up or standby. “It will have the same facilities as the existing one and will also have the proposed virtual air traffic control or remote air traffic control for airports in another cities,” he added.
23/10/18 Times of India