Monday, October 01, 2018

AI passenger fakes abduction bid to escape being caught with fake ID

Jaipur: A 25-year-old man travelling with a fake identity on Air India's Mumbai-Jodhpur flight was detained on Monday after he made a scene pretending he was being abducted.
Some sections of the press reported the incident as a bomb scare.
The suspect, Arjun alias Dinesh Suthar, who was detained at Jodhpur Airport for questioning, is from Mysore, where he had told a family that their missing son was in Jodhpur with a "tantrik". His six travelling companions—two members of the missing boy’s family and four policemen in civilian clothes—had boarded the flight with him from Mumbai, police said. "As their flight approached Jodhpur Airport, the man began to fear he would be caught and decided to pretend his travelling companions were abducting him," DCP Aman Singh said. A crew member promptly alerted the airport's ground staff, and Sathar was questioned by police, intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies as soon as the flight landed.
01/10/18 Tribune