Saturday, October 13, 2018

Indian airline Vistara gains fans with superior service

Vistara, India's full-service domestic airline, has drawn travelers at nearly double the rate of the aggregate market growth, setting itself apart from rivals trapped in a cutthroat price war.

Much of the success is due to minority owner Singapore Airlines, voted the world's best carrier this year. When the Singaporean carrier formed a 49-51 joint venture with Indian conglomerate Tata Group in 2015, it decided against another low-cost operation, choosing instead to establish a full-service alternative to Jet Airways and Air India, the nation's second- and third-largest players in that field, respectively.

Now Vistara, operated by Tata SIA Airlines, is preparing to initiate international flights, and will expand its fleet to 3.5 times the current size within five years.

When Vistara unveiled its newest passenger plane last month, an Airbus A320neo, CEO Leslie Thng invoked the name of the late J.R.D. Tata, a former group chairman who launched India's first airline in 1932. "We are proud to claim and carry forward the baton of J.R.D. Tata's legacy and vision in building a world-class, trend-setting airline," said Thng.
13/10/18 Akira Hayakwa & Mayuko Tani/Nikkei Asian Review