Friday, October 19, 2018

Travelers complain against IndiGo Airlines for not accepting Indian currency on international flights

Frequent flyers have made complaints against IndiGo Airlines for not accepting Indian currency on board to buy a meal or merchandise items in international flights. After making complaints with the airline, the travelers were told about RBI rules, which prevent accepting Indian currency on foreign lands. However, the travelers pointed out that other low-cost airlines accept Indian currency on board in international flights.
Mandar Bharde, a frequent international flyer and owner of an aviation company, was traveling to Dubai on March 14 in an IndiGo flight. He wanted to buy a meal, but was asked to pay in dollars, which he refused. After coming back to India, Mandar filed a complaint to Indigo. "Indigo Airlines feels ashamed of the Indian currency. They accept dollar, dinar or dirham but they are allergic to rupee. I traveled hungry because I had rupees and not dollars on a Mumbai-Dubai flight. Do you know any other foreign airline allergic to its own currency? How can an Indian company refuse to take our currency? Other airlines accept Indian currency on international flights," he said. Mandar has decided to approach the court against the airline.
Businessman and local MNS Leader Manoj Chavan, who traveled by IndiGo in February this year, also faced the same problem. "I wanted to buy a meal but was asked to pay in dollar. I objected to it. But how much can one resist on board? I wrote letters to the company demanding to change their rule. But in vein. We, as a party are also planning to take up this issue," Chavan, who heads Maharashtra Navnirman Kamgar Sena, said.
Senior Supreme Court Counsel Ranjeet Sangle said that the Foreign Exchange Management Act should not be a deterrent for the airline.
19/10/19 Shruti Ganapatye/Mumbai Mirror