Wednesday, November 21, 2018

1457 gram gold seized from 4 passengers

Jaipur: The Customs department seized around 1457 gm of gold from four passengers at Jaipur International Airport on Tuesday. The four men belonging to Patan in Gujarat came to Jaipur from Dubai in a SpiceJet flight.

According to the customs officials, the four came to the notice of security personnel due to their suspicious behavior. They landed from a flight which arrived from Dubai around noon. After the security check, around 1457 gram of gold – was hidden under a bangle that one of the accused men was wearing on his hands.

The four accused are residents of Gujarat and were smuggling gold from Dubai, said a senior customs department officer. After the gold was found, the four were taken into custody for interrogation.
The investigation is going on under the supervision of Custom official Subhash Agarwal.
20/11/18 Rimjhim Jethani/PinkCity Post