Sunday, November 18, 2018

Air India to shut its booking office in Egmore to cut cost

Chennai: Air India is all set to close it’s iconic city booking office in Egmore as part of its move to cut down on its property in the city to cut cost and keep only a small unit at Airline House in Meenambakkam at airport. The booking office and staff will be shifted to airport in a couple of weeks.
The airline continues to have an elaborate booking office system though ticket booking trend has long gone to online. The airline has put up it’s property in other location for sale or redevelopment.

Sources said the unit was getting only 100 bookings per day which was mostly from government staff for LTA and also for change of dates and other facilitations.

The airline was using the rented property for more than 60years but has decided to close and move to the airport office because of heavy losses. “The company was paying 35lakh to 40lakh or more to maintain the building. That is the reason why they have decided to move to airport,” he added.

Most of the airlines had shut their city offices because ticket booking has gone online.

18/11/18 Times of India