Thursday, November 29, 2018

Indian aviation minister reaches out with an apology on Twitter after mistreatment of a wheelchair-bound woman at the Mumbai airport went viral

On Tuesday, Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, offered an apology on Twitter to a wheelchair-bound woman whose tweet about being mistreated at Mumbai airport went viral.
The woman, Virali Modi, in a series of tweets, said that she had faced insensitive behaviour during security screening by airport personnel while checking in for a flight from Mumbai to London.

According to her tweet, she was repeatedly asked to get up from her wheelchair and even after she told the security official that she could not. Due to the insensitive behaviour, she also suffered a cramp as a woman security officer forcefully lifted her leg.
Modi, also a disability rights activist, called attention to more appropriate alternatives that are in use by other airports to help with such screenings.

“Every other international airport has chemical strips to check the wheelchair and shoes, a disabled passenger doesn’t need to get out of their wheelchair. So why in Mumbai’s International Airport?” she tweeted.

In his tweet, Sinha also asked the Central Industrial Security Force to look into the matter again.
The CISF had responded to the Twitter thread saying that it was just part of the mandatory pre-departure security check and that the staff was polite to her.
29/11/18 Business Insider