Friday, November 02, 2018

Man, 28, held for arguing with customs at Chennai airport

Chennai: Police on Thursday arrested a jeweller for arguing with a customs official at Chennai airport. Sahul Hameed, 28, of Pallavaram, was booked for preventing a government servant from discharging his duty.
Preliminary inquiries revealed that customs in Chennai stopped Sahul and his wife as they noticed that the woman was sporting a lot of gold. Sahul told officials he boarded an Air India flight from Thiruvananthapuram but officials found that the flight started its journey from Muscat.
Customs asked Income Tax officials to examine the couple. When an official took the jewellery from Sahul and tried to walk into the airport, Sahul snatched the gold from him and ran away. He was nabbed by the airport police, who registered a case based on the complaint of the customs official. He was remanded in Puzhal prison. Sahul told police that he suspected the customs official was a conman and didn't want him taking away his gold weighing 800g and worth nearly 25 lakh.
02/11/18 Times of India