Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Tipsy flyer harasses SpiceJet crew

Hyderabad: An inebriated passenger on board a Hyderabad-bound flight from Mumbai was handed over to the (CISF) staff at Hyderabad airport for unruly behaviour upon arrival shortly after midnight, officials said. According to SpiceJet, the passenger, Ajay , who was travelling on SG 703 from Mumbai to Hyderabad, began misbehaving with crew members as soon as the aircraft began taxiing for take-off at 10.45pm.

The airline crew found that Reddy was drunk and asked him to remain seated in his designated seat and maintain order. “The said passenger was found to be under the influence of alcohol. As the said passenger created a ruckus, the crew reported the matter to the captain, who decided to bring the aircraft back to bay,” SpiceJet said in a statement.

Realising that he could be off-loaded, the passenger apologised to the crew, following which the pilot decided to continue with the flight, despite co-passengers expressing apprehensions about his behaviour. “However, as soon as the aircraft was airborne, the said passenger started misbehaving with the crew again,” the airline added.

After landing in Hyderabad, the airline escorted the passenger to the lounge and handed him over to the CISF. “No charges were pressed against the passenger, who left after apologising,” said an airport source.
05/11/18 Clayton Caller