Monday, December 03, 2018

Chennai child trafficking racket kingpin held from Mumbai airport

The Chennai police on Saturday arrested a woman allegedly involved in a child-trafficking racket, in Mumbai. The woman had trafficked a minor boy in April this year. The probe revealed that the woman had trafficked at least seven children to various countries through one passport. The woman, identified as Haru Manju Datta, 55, a resident of Khar west, was nabbed upon arriving at the international airport from Mumbai.

According to the Chennai police, in April 2018, Datta had trafficked a boy using a passport issued in a name of Haru Hitesh. The immigration officials later learned that Datta and Hitesh were given departure immigration clearance at the Chennai airport for a British Airways flight by immigration counter officer D Jayasingh.

"Upon checking Hitesh's travel details in the system, it was found that there were no corresponding arrivals of the passenger for the last seven departures, which were four times from Delhi and three times from the Chennai airport," said a police source. Bureau of Immigration in Chennai had conducted a detailed inquiry on the matter.

"Connivance of Datta, travel agents Vinoth Kumar, Jayakumar and immigration officers of the Chennai airport D Jayasingh, Girithara Prasad and Biswajit Das were found in the racket. It is the foremost duty of the immigration officer to check all the previous travel records of a passenger before giving immigration clearance, in this case, which was deliberately overlooked. If no corresponding arrival for each departure is found, the system gives alert to the immigration officer," the officer said.
03/12/18 Somendra Sharma/DNA