Sunday, January 06, 2019

Bad weather continues to hit air traffic, 7 flights delayed

Mohali: The poor visibility factor keeps flight operators and passengers at receiving end as the delay in arrival and departure of flights continue for fifth consecutive day at Chandigarh Airport on Saturday.
GoAir flight from Srinagar was cancelled whereas 7 others arrived and departed late at Chandigarh International Airport. Flight from Kullu is already cancelled till January 8 and Air India morning flight from Delhi is cancelled till January 15 citing bad weather conditions.
According to the details provided by the flight operators, G8-912 GoAir flight from Srinagar was cancelled due to poor visibility factor.
Apart from these, 6E-372 – Indigo – Kolkata flight was delayed by 4:45 hours. 6E-376 – Indigo – Srinagar flight was delayed by 4:30 hours. The flight departed late from Chandigarh at 12:30 pm against scheduled departure of 8 am and reached Srinagar at 1:35 pm. Thereafter it departed from Srinagar at 2 pm to reach Chandigarh at 3:15 pm against scheduled arrival of 10:45 am.
Air India flight from Leh AI-457/58 arrived late by 1:33 hours at 11:08 am against scheduled arrival of 9:35 am. The flight subsequently departed late by 2:10 hours at 12:24 pm against scheduled departure of 10:15 am.
Air Asia(15-1826 ) Bengaluru flight was delayed by 52 minutes. The airport officials at Chandigarh said that the visibility factor in the city was not that poor on Saturday but the flights are delayed from source and subsequently departed late from Chandigarh.
Bad weather also resulted in delay of several trains in the city. Due to dense fog, New Delhi-Kalka evening Shatabdi was delayed by 35 minutes on Saturday.
06/01/19 Times of India