Thursday, January 24, 2019

What drones can do for India, and what India can do for the world’s drones

In 2019, the number of aerial images taken from drones is expected to cross 100 million. Over 30 million acres of land will be mapped using drones for an array of industrial purposes. Drones, which were born and earned distinction on the battlefield, are now gradually finding their way into the civilian airspace.

Over the past decade, the United States and China took highly measured steps to mainstream drone technology, resulting in a healthy infusion of capital into the industry. India has also begun treading prudently in the sector, announcing its formal entry into the fray in 2018, which was a historic moment for the industry at large.

The rapid adoption of UAV technology would entail the release of a comprehensive and futuristic regulatory framework in India.

By 2021, the UAV market in India is expected to be around $885.7 million, while the global market is estimated to touch $21.47 billion. Sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, mining, law enforcement and entertainment, among others, have witnessed a surge in the adoption of UAVs.

The Smart Cities Mission launched by the government of India involves area-based retrofitting and renewal of cities to make them more liveable, and has sought the widespread engagement of 4th generation technologies such as drones, Internet of Things and Blockchain. This is essentially to help solve problems such as traffic, sanitation and security that have riddled urban India for decades.
24/01/19 Aditi Namdeo/Print