Saturday, February 09, 2019

Fog continues to delay flights & trains

Lucknow: Fog continued to affect air and rail traffic on Friday. Over a dozen flights arrived and took off late at Amausi airport while 22 trains arrived late.

Flights like Delhi-Lucknow 9W366 Jet Airways (4 hours), Kolkata-Lucknow 6E844 (2 hours), Hyderabad-Lucknow 6E866 IndiGo airlines (2 hours) arrived late, while flights like Lucknow-Hyderabad 6E844 (3 hours), Lucknow-Delhi AI412 Air India (3 hours) and Lucknow-Dehradun IndiGo 6E577 (1 hour) took off.

09/02/19 Times of India