Sunday, March 10, 2019

City aviation expert questions AAI on hefty fine

Pune: Questioning Airport Authority of India’s (AAI’s) latest move of levying a fine of Rs 340 for the vehicles stationed inside Pune airport’s pick-up and drop lane for more than three minutes, Dhariyashil Vandekar, a citybased aviation expert has expressed his dismay over the decision and has written to the top officials from the aviation ministry about it.
 Vandekar, who has been in the aviation business for over two decades now, is unhappy with the AAI’s move and has himself experienced the mismanagement that the ‘extra charge’ has brought along.
He has written to aviation minister Suresh Prabhu and junior aviation minister Jayant Sinha drawing light to the problems faced by senior citizens like himself and others who tend to suffer as the cabbies now avoid dropping the passenger inside the airport with the fear of paying the fine or extra charge.
 He has also questioned why the rule of three minutes in particular was implemented as the people present could not come up with a satisfactory answer. Explaining his apathy, Vandekar has written in his letter, “You are aware of the narrow roads inside the airport with couple of 90-degree turns there is always a congestion.
 In this condition, the penalty is causing anxiety to passengers, especially senior citizens, ladies with children, families who find it difficult to alight in this time with their baggage. An entry charge of Rs 50 is also being levied with effect from last week on all commercial vehicles entering the building. The levy of above charges is resulting in some cabs refusing to enter the airport, arguments and passengers being forced to alight outside the airport.
 They are reported to have a tough time carrying their baggage and walking all the way to the airport terminal building. The shifting of Ola and Uber pickup/drop points outside the airport without a proper walkway for passengers is also resulting in severe criticism from the passengers.”
10/03/19 Supriya Dedgaonkar/Pune Mirror