Sunday, March 10, 2019

New apron to cut down waiting time for fliers

Rajkot: There is some good news for frequent fliers from Rajkot who are facing difficulties in getting timely flights.

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has initiated the process to construct a new apron that will be able to accommodate two flights at a time and park four flights at a time in the airport terminal. This is expected to reduce the waiting time for passengers and attract new flight operators to the city.

The work on new apron is expected to completed by December and a budget of Rs 8 crore has been allocated for this project.

Currently, till one flight handles passengers at the terminal building, the flight has to wait on the runway. The turnaround time of one flight is 30-40 minutes.

Rajkot airport director B K Das said, “Once the new apron is ready, we can accommodate passengers of two flights at a time. For this, we also need to expand terminal building. We are in the process to expand the building capacity from 140 currently to 350 passengers.”
After the construction of new apron, two small and two big flights will be able to park at the airport the same time. Flight in waiting won’t have to keep circling in the sky. This will also reduce the fuel cost for airlines.
10/03/19 Nimesh Khakhariya/Times of India