Saturday, March 09, 2019

New parking rules trigger chaos, confusion at Pune airport

Pune: The new parking regulation requiring commercial vehicles to pay Rs50 for entering the airport has put inbound flyers in a spot as cab drivers are refusing to enter the facility to avoid paying the fee.
The only option for the flyers reaching the city is to walk all the way outside the airport to board a cab. In some cases, the cab drivers entering the airport premises have asked the passengers to fork out the amount.

With most passengers unaware of the new regulation, it has only added to chaos and confusion and heated exchanges with drivers. The new regulation came into effect from March 5 midnight.

One of the main reasons for the unwillingness of the cab drivers to enter the airport is the three-minute dwell time within which they have to get in and out of the airport with the passengers. Failure to do so would result in a penalty of Rs340. This has prompted many cab drivers to ask passengers to board the cabs from parking no. 2, the new designated spot for cab aggregators Ola and Uber.

Samar John, who arrived from Goa on a SpiceJet flight with his family on Wednesday, said, “There was an argument with our Ola cab driver, as one of the parking agents stopped the cars right in front of the exit gate. The cab driver said he had no clue about the arrangement.”

Kaustav and his friend were in for a shock after coming out of the arrival area. “On hearing that he will have to pay Rs 340, our cab driver cancelled the ride,” Kaustav told TOI, while coming out of the vehicle and moving out of the airport to get another cab .

A cab driver told TOI: “Why are we being asked to pay Rs50? Does it make sense to slap us with a fine of Rs 340 if we cannot get out of the airport within three minutes?”
09/03/19 Joy Sengupta/Times of India