Tuesday, May 07, 2019

'Your sacrifices are greater, nobler': Naresh Goyal writes heart-warming letter to protesting Jet Airways employees

In a heartfelt letter to the employees of Jet Airways, founder Naresh Goyal evinced hope that the company will emerge from its current state of destitute. Goyal said he and his wife Neeta are hoping for things to turn out well on May 10, when the bank-led resolution plan for the airline reaches its culmination.
In the letter on the 26th anniversary of the airline, Goyal expressed grief at the non-payment of salaries to the staff of Jet Airways. "Neeta and I have had no role at Jet Airways after having made every possible sacrifice and commitment to ensure that the best interests of our Jet Airways family are served... By comparison however, the sacrifices that you have made are greater and nobler by far," Goyal wrote.
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