Saturday, January 18, 2020

Plane dreams of small towns, made in Bengaluru

If John Denver were alive today, he’d probably pen a new song titled, ‘Eating on a jet plane.’ Because flying is just plane exciting and dining in a plane is now becoming a fantasy.
The airline industry may be going through some turbulent times but dining in airplane-themed restaurants is taking off. And Bengaluru, always known as the ‘aviation hub of India’ is creating these model airplanes, just for dining.
 On the outskirts of Bengaluru city, near Kuduregere village, off Tumkur road, a facility is manufacturing aircrafts that will be converted into restaurants. The manufacturers say that airplane-themed restaurants are getting very popular and there is a great demand for them. Restaurants owners go the whole hog to give diners the airplane experience – right from issuing boarding passes to giving them an inflight dining menu and waitresses dressed like flight attendants.
 Currently, a huge aircraft body, modelled on the lines of an Airbus A320 is being assembled at Bengaluru. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Naresh Kumar Ganesh (Chairman and Managing Director of Royal Nag Aviation) said that while the trend is to repurpose grounded aircraft for other uses, this Bengaluru facility manufactures aircraft from scratch which will be turned into a restaurant.
“One hotel has already been set up in Dehradun and the second aircraft which is currently under construction will be heading to Vadodara (Gujarat). We need a minimum of six months to create a full aircraft body.” Once the aircraft is ready, the interiors will be designed to seat people. One aircraft restaurant can house around 100 diners.
The interiors will mirror the inside of the aircraft – with a cockpit, seats, carpets, even the slightly buzzing noise that one hears inside of a plane, he said. One of the biggest tasks for the manufacturers is the transportation of the airplane. Currently, the Airbus A320 model is 123 feet long and has a wing span of 115 feet. Earlier, carbon fibre composites were used to build the airframe but now the manufacturers are using aluminium.
 18/01/20 Sridhar Vivan/Bangalore Mirror
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