Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What is the citizenship of a baby born on an airplane?

Have you ever wondered if a baby is born on a flight, what will be his/her nationality?

First of all, to make it clear, in India, a woman pregnant for 7 months or more is not allowed to travel by air, but in some special cases, it is allowed.

In such a situation, if a woman in a plane flying from India to America gives birth to a child, what will be the birthplace in the child'ss birth certificate and what will be his/her citizenship? This is the biggest question.

In such cases, it has to be seen that at the time of the birth of the child, the aircraft is flying above the border of which country. After landing, documents related to the birth certificate of the child can be obtained from the airport authority of that country.

However, the child also has the right to get the nationality of his parents.

For example, if an aircraft flying from Pakistan to America is passing over the Indian border and at the same time if a child is born on the plane, the place of birth of the child will be considered as India and that child can get citizenship of his parent's country as well as the citizenship of India. However, there is no provision of dual citizenship in India.

A few years ago a similar case came up in America. A plane flew to the US from Amsterdam. When the plane reached the Atlantic Ocean, a woman started having labour pains and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

However, the mother and child were later taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in the US. The girl was born in the US border, so she got citizenship of both US and the Netherland.

Every country has different rules regarding the citizenship of children born on the plane.

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