Friday, February 10, 2023

Those traveling in flight after drinking alcohol will not be fine, this airlines has made strict rules

If you have ever traveled by flight, you must have seen many people traveling under the influence of alcohol. In fact, it is very difficult for the crew members and the passengers sitting around to handle these passengers during the flight in the sky. Recently Air India employees have raised the question of how to handle an intoxicated passenger in flight.

Let us tell you that something happened in two flights in Air India last year that the airline had to issue guidelines to prevent it from repeating. It clearly states the do’s and don’ts of the cabin crew. If you also travel by flight after drinking alcohol, then this information is very important for you.

Regarding this, the airline has taken input from the guidelines of the US National Restaurant Association. In particular, its traffic light system has benefited a lot from this. This helps the crew a lot in managing the detection of drug cases.

The airline has made a rule for those who drink during boarding. If the passenger is intoxicated, then the passenger will not be allowed to fly. As per Air India’s policy, if any crew finds a passenger intoxicated, they can scan him. Such people will have to be identified during boarding and the pilot will have to be informed about the same. If a passenger is seen abusing, threatening, threatening, threatening or indecent behavior while intoxicated, it must be reported to the Cabin Supervisor.

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Acer India has given its crew the flexibility to categorically refuse if a passenger is seen consuming alcohol. This guideline states that – Passengers should not be allowed to consume alcohol unless service is provided by the cabin.

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10/02/23 Damini Sharma/News Day Express

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