Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Tamil woman from Malaysia accuses Chennai airport’s customs of forcing her to remove her ‘Thali’

Chennai: A woman who arrived at Chennai airport from Malaysia has alleged that she was asked by the customs officials to remove her ‘Thali’(mangalsutra) during security checks. The woman who appeared distressed by the act of the customs officials released a video complaining that she was subjected to mental harassment in the name of inquiry at the Chennai Airport and she asked that “Does not she have the right to wear thali in Tamil Nadu?

The woman who is a native of Tamil Nadu but lives in Malaysia expressed her anguish in the video, saying that the thali is an integral part of her identity, representing her marital bond and cherished sentiments. Though she firmly asserted her refusal to remove it, the customs officer have not listened to her.

“How can I take off the thali chain as an Indian? I argued that he has never taken off the thali since my marriage. But the customs officers who were on duty there joked that you are not an Indian, you are a Malaysian,” she alleged.

She further said the Customs officers at Chennai airport mentally harassed us for more than two and half hours at the Chennai airport under the pretext of investigation for wearing jewelry.

“After the citizenship check at the airport, when I came to the customs area to collect my belongings, the customs officials there said, you are wearing extra jewelry which is not as per Indian customs rules. Please take it off. They asked me to remove the thali that I was wearing. They took my husband’s bracelet also because I argued with them. I haven’t faced any such harassing behavior from customs before, though I was wearing the same amount of jewels. We wore the same jewelry the last time we came. But then the authorities did not say anything, ” she said in the video.

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