Friday, June 16, 2017

Private taxis remain parked at airport all day

Lucknow: According to airport officials, there are around 300 registered taxis of the airport itself. If a passenger needs the service, the airport authorities arrange for it. Apart from these 300 taxis, there is no law or mandate for private taxi owners to register their vehicle with the airport or seek a permit to park their vehicles.
All they need to do is pay a token amount—something that private cars also do.
Private taxi owners can park their taxi any time within the premises. To compete with airport taxi service, they keep their prices lower. A passenger hires a private taxi for its low cost not realising that there is no safety or security attached to them.
There is no security scanner at the entrance through which a four-wheeler can be checked to ensure that the person or car entering the airport premises is not carrying any ammunition or explosive material.
Besides, there is not a single police official outside the building of the airport.
16/06/17 Times of India