Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another airport shocker: Lufthansa locked me up for 4 hours in Munich, says visually-impaired flier

Disability and gender right activist, Nidhi Goyal had a harrowing time in Munich airport last Thursday. Nidhi, who is also a stand-up comedian was not allowed to leave the disability lounge for over four hours, and wasn't even offered food and drinks despite repeatedly pleading for it.

Nidhi who was travelling from Mexico City to Mumbai had a stopover at Munich airport. She was flying by Lufthansa Airlines. Nidhi who is visually challenged had a six and half hour long stopover in the German city. When she was escorted to the disability lounge, Nidhi was assured of help in procuring food after some time. However, in reality Nidhi claims that she was rudely rebuffed by the lady attendant of the lounge. Not only did she refuse to assist Nidhi to grab food from the cafe nearby, the comedian was even not allowed to get out of the lounge.

After Nidhi raised a hue and cry, a senior member of the Lufthansa staff came and said that she didn't book any additional services, hence wouldn't be getting them. However, according to Nidhi, her ticket clearly mentioned that she needed assistance. Nidhi despite having valid visa was allegedly denied the right of leaving the airport to meet a friend who had come to visit. She wasn't even given her boarding pass. Being hypoglycaemic, she needed food urgently but was refused.

The harrowing experience of being confided in the lounge room without food continued till it was the time for boarding her connecting flight. It was nearly four-and-half hours of struggling without food and drinks for the Mumbai-based comedian.
14/11/17 Arghya Roy Chowdhury/DNA