Friday, January 05, 2018

Aviation on its boom in Udaipur

Aviation industry is on its boom. Year 2017 saw Udaipur as one of the busiest airport in the category of domestic flights. In December 2017, more than 1 lakh 15 thousand people came to Udaipur by flights.

Jodhpur, Dehradun, Vadodara, Bhopal and Vijaywada are much ahead of population as compared to Udaipur city. But these stations are far behind Udaipur when it comes to air travel. Records have shown that Udaipur moved ahead in air travel as compared to above mentioned cities in November itself. 1 lakh 8 thousand passengers took flights from Udaipur in the month of November. The numbers of passengers recorded from Baroda were a little more than 86 thousand; Dehradun also saw 86 thousand plus, Bhopal 61 thousand and Vijaywada 58 thousand plus air passengers.

Population of Vadodara is 20 lakhs, Bhopal has 15 lakhs and Dehradun has a little more than 15 lakhs. Udaipur as compared to these cities stands at 5 lakhs only. Even with a less population as compared to these bigger cities, air passengers in Udaipur have outnumbered all these bigger airports in 2017.

More than 1 lakh passengers took flights from Udaipur airport in December 2017. The exact numbers quoted for December as per an authentic source were 1 lakh 15 thousand 255.
05/01/18 Monika/Udaipur Times