Thursday, January 04, 2018

Torturous wait in planes at Delhi IGI Airport set to end, here is big surprise for flyers

Annoyed at waiting for long hours in the aircraft at the fog-hit Delhi IGI Airport? Well, the central government has come to your rescue. On Wednesday the government has asked all the airlines not make the passengers board the aircraft in the  Delhi IGI Airport unless the Met department reports suggest the ”reasonable certainty” about visibility improving, Times of India reported. The government has also said that the planes lined up for takeoff should take off within an hour. Given the adverse condition that the fog is having on the train and flight schedule, the government has come up with the decision to ease passengers’ flying experience. On the New Year day, flyers had spent hours inside the aircraft at the IGIA waiting for their planes to take off which had agitated most.
The aviation authorities have further decided to ask the security agencies to allow passengers who have spent long hours in planes waiting for the flight to take off to deboard and get back once the flight is actually set to take off. These decisions were taken by the aviation ministry after a meeting with stakeholders after the Met department has announced the Indo-Gangetic plain is set to witness the world’s biggest fog layer. the Airport Authority of India will further meet today tgo figure out how th existing standards are apt for handling the present condition and what all has to be improved.
04/01/18 Financial Express