Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jewar MLA Plans IGI Tour to Get Consent for Land Acquisition, Farmers Say They’ve Seen Airports Before

New Delhi: To convince Jewar farmers who have not yet given consent for land acquisition for the proposed airport in the region, the local MLA is planning to take them on a tour of the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi.
Thakur Dhirendra Singh hopes the farmers will see the development IGI airport has brought to the area and will agree to part with their land so that similar development could come to Jewar.
“I have written to the Ministry of Civil Aviation asking for permission so I can take farmers to Terminal 3 and they can see how the airport brings development to the region. The land acquisition process is on the verge of completion. Those farmers who have not consented yet, will agree when they see and hear about Delhi airport,” Singh said.
Virendra Singh, a farmer from Rohi village, said he had begrudgingly consented to give up his land. “I did not want to give my land. But others were agreeing, so I agreed too. What could I have done?” he asked.
He did not think much of the politician’s decision to take farmers to Delhi airport as well. “To me, it looks like a narrow approach. They think the farmers have never seen an airport, that we don’t know anything. What’s to see there (at Delhi airport)?” he said.
11/09/18 Manas Mitul/