Friday, January 04, 2019

Kajal Aggarwal fires on Jet Airways

Kajal Aggarwal had a bitter experience on Jet Airways.  She is angry on counter Staff Moin. The actress took to her Twitter and wrote, “Never expected @jetairways in Mumbai to behave so incompetent n dis-courteous! 1st d counter staff (Moin)wastes our time even after reaching75mins in advance.Then d craft is parked30mins away at anothr airport (intl to domestic) n they shut gates an hour earlier4their convenience”

 Later Jet Airways responded to Kajal Aggarwal and said, “Hi Kajal, we’d like to discuss this further. We’ll connect with you shortly.

Kajal Aggarwal replied, “Thank you for the “favour” and your “appointment” dearest @jetairways ! You made my 4am morning even brighter !”
03/01/19 Murali Ravi/