Friday, December 22, 2017

AirAsia aircraft suffers bird hit at Chennai airport

Chennai: A Chennai-Kuala Lumpur AirAsia flight suffered a bird hit when the plane was about to take off from Chennai airport on Friday. The pilot aborted takeoff and returned to the bay at 8.14am. The plane had 168 passengers.
An inspection revealed that the left side engine was damaged in the bird hit. There is damage to the turbine blade. The aircraft was grounded for repair.
A senior official said, "The bird hit happened soon after the engine was revved up for the run, and the plane started to roll down the runway. It happened at the initial stage of the roll from the Pallavaram-end of the runway. The pilot cut the power and stopped the plane."
The airline was bringing a spare from Bengaluru to carry out repairs. The incident has been notified to the DGCA.
The official also said, "We could not identify the bird because there was not much of the remains. We have been facing trouble from birds on the Pallavaram-end of the runway because of garbage dumping in the residential areas. The issue was raised in the recent environment committee meeting."
22/12/17 V Ayyappan/Times of India